Roblox Music Codes & Roblox Song Music Ids – 1 Million+ Songs ID’s 2019

Well everyone knows that Roblox is one of the fast-growing websites in the gaming world. Just not playing games using Roblox one can do many more like developing games, listening to music and many more. Here we are going to know how one can listen to any song, popular or unique, new or old, classical or hip hop can be streamed on Roblox and you can enjoy them by listing them. But before doing so you need to make sure that the song is registered in the Roblox music database and from there you can easily get access to the Roblox Music ids.

These Roblox song music ids or Roblox song music codes can be very commonly used to listen to music inside Roblox. One can find out your favorite Roblox Song IDS from the list of one million songs that are given below. Here in this website we frequently update and we are doing our best to provide you the Old and Latest list of Roblox Song Codes IDS that are added in the database of Roblox. We had a good reputation in providing the latest Roblox music ids. You can get the Songs code from the list that is given.

  1. Type Song Name Or Singer Name In the Search box.
  2. Select the “Song Code” and Copy it.
  3. Then paste it on your Roblox Game.
Song IdCode
It's raining tacos 376978489
little octopus148283612
BURRITO VAN245849365
Shopping Penguin188493163
Black Hamster315755723
Disco Fries866107908
Overweight Hedgehog255505729
Oh Hai181853566
Chicken Tender152513098
Boppity Bunny218793187
Pancake Robot498463804
TACOCAT 583411227
Doctor Who195310077
Backwards Rabbit344106759
I Love Bread427827514
squirrels squirrels squirrels3061571140
Guinea Pig Bridge277065470
I Like Vegetables271349078
Cat Licking A Hamster288561655
Nom Nom Nom431003367
Last Train To AwsomeTown 155504212
Bun Bun Bunny186003863
Spaghetti Cat156435576
The Girl at the video game store214892387
Cute Overload (DJ Tailshaker remix)1270428497
Get Up It's Presidents' Day 239880260
Lazy Harp Seal Has No Job 161656041
Dog With A Box On His Head344105667
Yum Yum Breakfast Burrito 583473867
Lazy Harp Seal Gets a Job 161693090
Vau Boy582191863
I'm a Crazy Weirdo247487090
Space Unicorn386586641
Llueven Tacos1650155787
Me Bad Sing Rain Taco2794871279
Hailing Taquitos2856431782
It's Raining Tacos Goat Remix275711237
Its Raining Tacos sparta remix337055129
Neon Pegasus968282192
Do You Like Arbys292716148
Thrust And Parry1836289222
Theres a Cat Licking Your B-Day Cake389334223
In The Rain1847181038
It Was Raining1844805201
Taco Taco Burrito Burrito1290883416
Rain Sweet Rain1845483195
Light Raining Afternoon 424548883
Parris Island Theme494687062
Parry Sound Effects1485522214
when you get a parry1561437461
Rain, All I See Is Rain1844787373
Jaco's Tacos1844830629
Taco Tuesday976008059
Taco Review1448677031
Tico Taco1844472437
Get Taco With it301239769
Before The Rain1835358856
Electric Rain1836665982
After The Rain1845854860
let it rain3262934030
Astra - Rain1592150509
Bring Rain1837683453
Light rain140051272
African Rain1845537036
Blue Rain1837195446
Rain Forest1845539860
#### - Paris in the Rain1188393025
Warm Rain1845495648
First Rain1845221872
Rain In The Savannah1844997368
Rain Check1837652854
Terraria - Rain3071705157
Let it Rain706334607
Daydreaming In The Rain1838448717
Summer Rain1837570286
Song of The Rain3115178151
Suspicion And Rain1838812583
Kill The Rain1843232863
Rain Ritual1837137904
Outside Rain933707645
Shelter In The Rain1846788162
Singingg in the rain2822410293
The Gentle Rain1840440697
~Tender Rain~167085254
Shelter In The Rain (A)1846787681
After Rain A1845971952
First Rain1845221899
Rain Drops (a)1841816814
Hear the Rain1837344924
After The Rain1838820625
Gentle Rain1843456648
China Rain1836683986
Under The Rain1835897271
Waiting For The Rain1848087281
Mendum - Rain1398716646
DeKobe - Raining1517237960
The Smell of Rain1842426329
Silver Rain1844643171
Acid Rain1837183994
Rain Paint1837109685
Rain at Last207181019
Sorrow and Rain (a)1842507338
Fighting In The Rain A1845775374
Healing Rain1839849133
Chameleon Rain1845498898
Burn The Rain2998782853
Star Rain1836033479
African Rain1845537269
God Of Rain1836719469
Raining Fire1837130748
Phase Rain1838098776
Before The Rain1835357721
Sometimes it Rains1837187605
Rains Of Time1836623583
Rain Of China1835974136
Rain and Waves (a)1841864546
Under The Rain1835896686
The Rains of Castamere156604313
In the Rain (c)1839980769
Abstract Rain1836893674
raining in tokyo1587472961
First Rain1845222230
Heavy Rain3394774160
Rain In The Savannah1844997726
wush - rain2123227852
Light Rain1847055976
Through the Rain1835318401
Contemplating In The Rain1838572767
Aetherian - The Rain2856281397
Bring The Rain A1845824242
Rain and Tears - #######2770612697
Dancing In The Rain1845474108
Chameleon Rain1845498930
Raining Ballad1835474826
Desert Rain1836239218
Fire And Rain1844737727
Golden Rain1845734800
Right as Rain1839110974
Falling Rain1837236929
Evening Rain1837875704
Autumn Rain A1847306679
Hoping For Rain1839837277
Tear Rain2158667419
Thunder And Rain916500746
Pressure - Rains477244266
Cosmic Rain1844447250
December Rain604229944
Chromatic Rain1840873541
Sidewalk Rain1837406600
Fire And Rain1844709744
Uvongo Rain1845489828
Raining Mario2823767138
Indoor rain2665741389
Hoping For Rain1839837302
Soft Rain1837687204
Rain And Gardens1838794234
Tokyo in the Rain1842532828
Quiet Rain A1843057493
The Gentle Rain1840439619
Spring Rain1836719602
Uvongo Rain1845489914
Raining Donkeys1843221690
Cult Rain155722465
Terraria - Rain144121641
Sacred Rain (a)1839843196
Rain 30 (a)1840782155
Autumn Rain1836592730
Singing in the Rain1841444662
Soft Rain1837687319
Rain In May1844584329
Rain's End1847629205
Faze rain941748888
Surface Rain358496539
september rain2380269820
Tears In The Rain426221049
Rain Loop132152136
Raining Oil926445535
Raining Ballad1835475641
ImDontai - Rain2726822533
Tear Rain384552757
light rain1050127131
Forever Rains1837879448
The Rain intro2301437792
Golden Rain1837452772
Right as Rain1839110167
El Taco Picante2541429348
No Burritos Only Tacos298601546
[SFM] - Taco Shell Review561069476
no tomatoes on my taco861058388
Metal Rain1837949039
[SHORTENED] Munsta - The Taco Song1238093309
Me eating a taco872823667
Vertical Seafood Taco262163933
Taco Blox Comercial1431117939
Vertical Seafood Taco1917675561
Tacos for Sans(Goblin mashup)933333270
where is demolicy taco872853499
Slash - Bad Rain142043501
unstoppable eraser rain263059904
Rain on window loop224641563
Taco Bell Song1374238583
tacos in ears.wav258925328
Waluigi's Taco Stand664136141
Two Free Tacos - Vine1439680821
Taco Inanimate Insanity: Aooh!287078918
Borgore - I Love Tacos383770485
Taco Hemingway - Fiji3397942353
Taco bell dog song562693039
Boxout - Midnight Tacos1029166292
Phone Sings Raning Tacos268950620
nightcore bring the rain2926816543
Here comes the rain - Nightcore180041273
Bring Down The Rain B1847522326
Falling Rain 21837237501
Gentle Rains 301840574505
September Rain C1847426524
Trenchtown Pouring rain1291855188
Brian Crain - Rain191545611
Rains of Castamere-Lanni theme1325193414
All Rains Gold1836858420
Bring The Rain C1845824279
Sparkling Rain 21837422764
Slippin' In The Rain 11836515853
Initial D ##### ##### ### - Rain1757456248
Forecast Rain or Shine (b)1841782613
Rain World - Threat - Shoreline2873492746
Holy Rain - 305 (Clean)425047696
Ugly Corny - Rain Theme233166998
Pokemon Remix - Heavy Rain997919269
Sunday Rain (Extended)1838652365
Rain World - The Coast2991512072
Evening Rain - NoBassLessPerc1837875730
Rain Forest Mysteries (B)1846178316
All Rains Gold1836858427
Sunday Rain (Instrumental)1838624843
guardin - it rained & it poured1343208867
Rain & Flowers tomppabeats559522458
Rain Forest Marimba1845551671
After the Rain Accordion1843340030
Sweater Beats - Rain Dance218662103
Game of Thrones - The Rains of Castamere171222844
T. Stebbins - Rain Dance1520447411
Lorn - Acid Rain715427677
HQ rain on roof258063561
Slayer - Raining Blood144996822
Bring The Rain E1845824287
After the Rain b1839912105
In the Rain (b 60)1839981339
Spyro the Dragon - Jacques/Rain2779014421
It's raining BEES2707374640
It's Raining, It's Pouring A1847584887
Forecast Rain or Shine (sting a)1841782931
Bangtan Boys Rain-Ism610461616
Warm Summer Rain1844701133
The Smell of Rain (30)1842441185
비 RAIN - 깡 GANG1218136580
Rain Forest Nose Flute1845551686
Coalescence - Risk of Rain OST511135012
Forever Rains - Alt11837879462
Risk of Rain - Contact164470741
Slippin' In The Rain 21836515879
guardin - it rained and it poured1343249559
Rain Forest Marimba Only1845551659
A Morning in the Rain Forest1837385477
Sorrow and Rain (a 30)1842508117
Partly Cloudy, Chance Of Rain1842701803
Raining Sad Night140935443
Jungle After Rain (B)1846747670
Rain In The Savannah OL1844308033
Forever Rains - Alt21837879528
After the Rain Brassband1843340056
Hot Rain 601840551669
Silva Hound - Rain338667104
Sea rain ambience with music3014801813
크나큰 (KNK) - 비 (Rain)963764835
Tear Rain - feat. Emmy1436324338
Forever Rains - 151837879539
After the Rain Strings1843339871
Kentucky Rain - Elvis Presley447501459
After the Rain 301839959582
Approaching Nirvana - Will Rain168370043
Slippin' In The Rain 601836516009
Chief Sitting In The Rain1838863267
IT'S RAINING MEN!!!141509625
Nightcore - Set Fire to the Rain242908804
Initial D - Rain1800467795
The Coming Of The Rains (c)1840419188
Black Rain 601841564197
Nobody Likes Rain A1845781970
The Coming Of The Rains (b)1840419224
Rain Falls On Trees B1847853566
Star April - Raining Days?1035853302
Forecast Rain or Shine (c)1841782681
Chocolate Rain Instrumental3333947114
In the Rain - Miraculous Ladybug2699845406
Rain On Your Face1844316212
July Under the Rain1837422794
High Quality Rain Sound138155344
From The Rain Forest 41846133209
Joji - Rain on me [Full]989041837
Black Rain 301841565382
Singing in the Rain 301841445480
Sunny in Spite of the Rain - 301837901316
Song Of The Rain Queen OL1845961667
Rain Forest (minimal)1845539844
HQ rain sound258063500
Autumn Rain (30s)1838633868
Electric Rain 301836666461
After The Rain (30)1842948251
Initial D - Sun In The Rain249344889
"The Singular Symphony" in Deadly Rains2669369264
Rain And Gardens OL1838794878
Through the Rain StingA1835318514
Singing in the Rain 601841445121
Feels Like Rain // Kesha366754109
Dj-Nate Rain Full223614790
Rain World - Pictures of the Past1124614538
Rains of Castamere Swedish397590497
It's Raining Noah1626105604
Chocolate Rain [LOUD]3306243808
Summer Rain 601836690152
Rain 30 (b)1840781507
Summer Rain 291837511084
Bassari Rain Flute1840483578
Silken Rain - Vocal Mix1842663814
After the Rain 601839960119
Evening Rain - 301837875765
Rain World - Threat - Outskirts2991533655
Kontinuum - First Rain368610818
Fields of Rain (b 30)1842509661
Don't rain3098794924
Ladies' Code-The Rain552712523
LOONA/JinSoul- Singing in the Rain884661625
its raining taucos3415822939
Rain Dividing--ALT. 11838764350
running through the rain2752373406
Fields of Rain (sting b)1842510265
After the Rain Strings1843338890
Camellia - Rain of Amethyst1327427310
The Smell of Rain (60)1842441323
Walking Through The Rain (b)1841038719
Astronaut - Rain (MitiS Remix)303896596
Twerking in the Rain - by TODRICK HALL275478339
Jungle After Rain OL1846748540
Heavy Rain - Before the Storm176488063
Spring Rain - Renard Queenston346020792
Acid Rain B1847763456
Fly Under the Rain1837449025
Jungle After Rain OL1846748304
Rain Forest (uke)1845539852
BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan) - Rain764680891
Rain In Novi Pazar 11845866136
Right As Rain C1847690404
Lorn - Acid Rain780079965
Rain Pyro Sound Effects246504281
Evening Rain - 601837875755
Fields of Rain (sting a)1842510232
After The Rain (B)1840625000
Lauv - Paris in the Rain1497920658
Lorn - Acid Rain485472937
Kontinuum-First Rain620993818
Rain and Waves (a 60)1841846179
Waiting For The Rain (C)1846464940
Balcony Rain - steezy prime2500961586
Cashmere Cat - Rice Rain301636465
Bring The Rain B1845824234
After the Rain Strings1843339917
Summer Rain 591837511003
Through the Rain StingB1835318449
Pearl Drop Rain1837148309
Astronaut - Tristam Rain260060026
Set Fire To The Rain - หน้ากากทุเรียน829059622
Fields of Rain (c)1842509275
Rain In Vain - IRON ATTACK!1667769347
Dont Rain On Me1404022114
Rain . o gg2616949538
After the Rain Mood1843339878
Walking Through The Rain (a)1841037455
Rains Of Time 601836625610
Shelter In The Rain (B) OL1846787748
Forever Rains - 301837879516
jinsang x flashbacks in rain515221134
Zaire Rain Dance1845907172
Sunday Rain (30s)1838624829
Spring Rain Drops1839929086
Autumn Rain B1847306689
Listen to the Rain Part 1284040443
Rain Part 1153102837
Garden Rain (sting)1841857129
Sorrow and Rain (sting)1842508589
Heavy Rain Thunder2304996195
joji - rain on me (OFFICIAL)926810867
Bring Rain (underscore)1837684752
Do you like waffles?147413246
Do You Like Crumble1835804368
Do you like Overwatch?2621192778
Do You Like Popsicles?138225504
Nightcore - How Do You Like It2325000562
How Do You Like Music1844713731
Do you guys like memes?2558089572
Do What You Like 21837290782
Do U Like It Like This1838183172
Likely to Do1837357417
I LIKE TO DO IT DO IT300181474
How Do You Do?1846355519
Do What You Do1845697124
Do you?242953302
You like that301022204
Like You1837411983
You Like It1837536827
Teen Titans (Waffles, Waffles Waffles!)1390932323
Initial D - I Like You Like You Are2666805100
Why Do You Live Like That - Giriboy416000494
Nightcore - Love Me Like You Do386605014
90 Process - Do You Like Tools1468470607
Huma Huma - Voodoo Like You Do374552441
Lucky Luke - LYD (Like_You_Do)620290176
How Do You Sleep Like This Vine1373705339
It's Not Like I Like You!! (♪♫)742594368
Korede Bello - Do Like That601021789
K Bello - Do Like That690934999
Witty - Like I Do2974918182
korede bellxo - do like that653145942
I do not like this2073565693
Like We Used To Do1837382223
😛 feelt like doing this389314887
Logic - Do Ya Like1096378175
Do Like That - Korede Bello575705077
Who Do You Think You Are (a)1841133701
Who do you think you are2767838775
Love What You Do1845523658
You Can Do Wonders1835768423
You Can Do It1839546403
Do you know595309529
What Do You Feel1839345506
CAN YOU DO THIS?1508063527
TroyBoi - Do You286589447
Do you want to hear this?1382918313
Nothing to Do with You (b)1841854655
If You Could Do Anything1837704753
What You Do (Full)2833353312
Do You Cry 41836527294
You Can Do It (e)1841162542
Do You See It (b)1838005067
Do You See It (a 60)1838005568
Do You Dig Me (a)1839980344
But can you do this?!2670347418
Do You Chacha1835593763
You Can Do It (f)1841162560
DO DO DO DO2892624291
Do You Cry 31836527273
gUrLs lIkE yOu2865526177
Things You Do1844803275
But Can You Do This - Song2158916671
You Do Something To Me1836746097
Like You Mean It (a 10)1841935576
Like You Mean It (c)1841933995
Do I Scare You?1843463561
Do You See The Stars?1847030607
You Can Do It (a)1841161663
Do YoU MiNd1409201722
Do you play fortnite2983233508
Nothing to Do with You (sting a)1841836536
You can do that thing1621490192
Do you remember?504848616
Would you like an apple?366542342
Millions Like You (a)1841110106
Just Like You (a)1847023319
I Wanna Be Like You702023585
Do Without You1837000265
Anything You Can Do a1839953092
Do you remember (cover)981259272
Do you have vtec?2597802066
And i will always like you181926026
Quite Like You1839505929
Do You Feel It? 591845634415
Do You See It (a 30)1838005234
Nothing to Do with You (a 60)1841892010
Do You Wait for Me1837348159
Why Do You Trumpet1839217785
Do You Even Djent?507510113
Do You Speak Swedish1837431737
Magnace-Do You985346800
Boys Like You1837520906
Do You Wanna Ride2874764424

What is Roblox?

Roblox is a platform where you can play games without spending any kind of amount and get all kinds of fun in playing games and all kind of necessary features just for free. It is a fun world where you can interact and travel into a different kind of world and participate in various activities in the immersive 3D world. All these experiences in the Roblox games are created by the players themselves and all of them are can be used by dedicated players of the games and communities. When a new player is joined in Roblox, they will be getting a virtual toolbox which is also known as Roblox Studio which is used for building such new players experiences and innovations.

Roblox is more than a game, it is a community where you can be a part and interact with other people all around the world. You can make a lot of new friends with whom you can have fun with countless adventures in various games.

Roblox will enable you to explore regions you never thought of or knew that they actually exist. Roblox makes it so simple so you can make things what you had never imaged you can become like a zombie shooter or a pizza delivery person or a baker or a roller coaster maker or a DJ and many more which you might have dreamed of becoming in your real life.

Listening To Music in Roblox

In Roblox, every player can go through many different worlds and play a different kind of games while playing them you can go through with many adventures worlds just not that you can enjoy the games while listening to your favorite tracks and songs.


Step 1: Make sure that you are logged in to Roblox. If not create an account in Roblox.

Step 2: And make sure to download the latest version of Roblox on your device.

Step 3: Devices like Songs Play Station does support for Roblox. So you need to make sure that you’re using Roblox on the supported platforms like PC, Mac OS, iPhone, iPad, Xbox one.

Step 4: Finally make sure you have logged into your account by signing in.

Guide to use Roblox Music Ids and Roblox Song Codes.

In the first place, you need to make sure that you have completed all the pre-requisites before proceeding with this guide to listen to music on Roblox using Roblox music codes and Roblox song ids.

How to listen to music in Roblox and enabling Roblox song codes and Roblox song music ids?

Step 1: In the first place you need to make sure you are owning the item, called Boombox and can access the item freely without any kind of problems or issues. If you don’t, then you simply need to do it by simply entering a world where the Boombox item is enabled and available for free. Otherwise, you can go to the Items and Accessories column tab on the Roblox store and buy the item permanently.

Step 2: Once you have the instrument that is required to play any kind of song in Roblox database what you to do is just enter a Roblox song music ids. These Roblox song music codes and ids will help you to play the song of your choice and all you have to do is remember the Roblox songs code for future reference.

How get the updated Roblox song codes for the latest and your favorite songs 2019?

Method 1: Roblox Music website method

  1. Type in the URL Roblox music ids in the address bar of your web browser. After entering into the site you will find a search bar, in the search bar, you must type the name of your favorite song you want to play in Roblox.
  2. Once you have opened the website then you can search for the music code of that specific song you wanted through their database and then return you with the latest Roblox song music ids, copy it or memorize it to use it inside the Roblox game and play the songs you wanted.

Method 2: Roblox method

  1. Go to, in the search bar of Roblox enter a space and click search.
  2. Then click the audio column to get the list of songs and music.
  3. You will get various songs list and a search bar to navigate through them all. In the search bar type the song name you want or select one of the songs from the list.
  4. Now in the URL between the library and the song name, there will be a code which is the song ids. Copy these music code ids.

Method 3: Youtube method

  1. Go to and in the search box type the name of your required song to be played in Roblox followed by Roblox song music ids.
  2. In this method, you will find video song ids list in the youtube but recently many song ids have been changed so you might end up finding the older versions of the Code. So that old code might not work with the latest Roblox as the videos might be outdated or might be removed from the Roblox Database.

How to use the Roblox song ids and the Roblox song music codes after you get them from the website?

Step 1: Run your Roblox game in your device and after it finishes loading. You need to go to the items that are in your account and open your Boombox item by clicking on it. If you are using Windows or Mac Os or tapping on it if you are an Android or an iPhone/iPad users.

Step 2: Type Roblox Song music code or Roblox song ids in the search bar of the song which you have previously noted using the three methods that are by google search, youtube or from the Roblox song music code websites.

Step 3: Once you have entered the code correctly inside the Boombox the music will start playing automatically.

Important note: Roblox is a kind of games which allows your friends and other players to rock on to your music playing. So when your Boombox is playing music keep in mind that all nearby users can listen to them as well. Hope you’re having fun using the unique features that are  given in Roblox!

Final Words

Here in this tutorial, we have covered everything about Roblox song music code and Roblox music song ids. We hope that we have clarified all kinds of issues or doubts you might have had regarding this. Just make sure to leave a comment down below if you have more questions.

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